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Friday, March 25, 2005

Underwater worlds are cool

One of my classmates tipped me of on this page. It is a fanpage for an old c64 game called exile (pictured above). The owner of the page loved the game so much he decided to make some new designs for it.

As far as I can gather the game takes place both under water and in space. So the characters are wearing suits that look like a mixture of space suits and diving suits. Some of the creatures you meet are fish.

At least one of the concepts I have for my project include fish, and I really got inspired by this guy's characters and artistic style. So I tried to make some drawings of my own (see last blog). Not as good, but in my own style.

There is something about fish and the world underwater that I think would fit toys and games great. There is just so much variety available. You have big fish, small fish, scary fish, cute fish, jelly fish and bottom dwellers of various sorts. It's a cool world for toys and games, and it exists for real! That's probably one reason why we've seen some focus on underwater worlds in animated films lately, with Finding Nemo and a Shark's Tale.



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