Toy Design Project

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Transportable toys

The possibility to take a toy outdoors to play with or to bring it to a friends house to play with is important. A toy that one can play with together with friends and their toys has more value than a toy that is only playable at ones own home. Toys like Lego is only playable at your own home and not mixable with your friends legos simply because it would be a complex task to transport and impossible to distinguish ownership of the individual pieces after the play is done. Although the sheer mass of Legos one child can have will compensate for this to some degree, as several friends can play with the toys of one child.

A toy that offers the possibility for the owner to go out and play with other children and their toys will become more popular than other toys as the community surrounding it will promote it even further. This is apparent in toys like Beyblade and Pokémon (Both the Game Boy games and Trading Card games). If the Pokémon video games were only available on a stationary platform the trading of monsters would be impossible, and competitive play would not be as fun because only one player could use his hard earned collection of monsters. The possibility for a player to own a piece of the game creates for the game a value that goes beyond the simple boundaries of the game itself. The possibilities to collect and trade pieces of a game will make the building of a community almost inevitable.


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