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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Got some new books

Over the weekend I got the rest of the books I ordered: The Ambiguity of play and Flow, the classic work on how to achieve happiness. So far I have mostly read the first because it deals with the different ways of approaching and defining play, and that is the most important thing for me at this time in the research. The author, Brian Sutton-Smith, makes a lists of the different rhetorics of play and explains what separates them from each other and accounts for their history.
What is interesting and fortunate is that the chapter that describes the rhetoric I think will be of most use to me, also refers to the other book: Flow... This rhetoric Sutton-Smith calls the rhetoric of self, and basically focus on the individuals experiences with play. Something I think is the primary criteria for people when they choose which game to play or toy to play with; It must be fun.

Both the Ambiguity of play and Man, Play and Games are fairly difficult books to read (Well, for me as English is not my first language, anyway). They're written for scholars in a theoretical form of English, and I find it rather over-complicated and sleep enhancing. Luckily for me that the Flow-book is in a more normal form of English, as it is written for the "lay-audience". I can't wait to move on to that book and put the others down.


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