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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

External input

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Today I had a meeting with two of my friends about the project. They both study special education /pedagogy (or whatever it is called in English), one works part time in a kindergarden and the other has a small son and some other children in the family. Although the agegroup is somewhat different or borderline different from my project, I still thought it could be useful.

Some of the useful things that came up:

  • Boys do not know how to cooperate. They are almost always in competitive mode and when forced to cooperate due to the toy or game, they turn to fighting instead.
  • Girls play roleplay. Even when they play with the boys' toys together with the boys, they still try to turn the play into roleplay.
  • It is always more attractive to play with others than to play alone. When given a choice, a kid will always drop a toy in favor of another if that other is being played with by others.


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