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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Well, hello there.
This is the blog for my diploma project at the Oslo Scool of Architecture and Design. I have never written a blog before, or even read someone else's blog so don't get upset if this seems a bit amateurish.

This diploma project is the graduating project of my Masters degree in Interaction Design, and it is titled "Cult-toys". What I mean by the term "cult-toys" is the kind of toys (and games) that just seems to take off in popularity and becomes the favorite toy for a generation of kids. Now this may seem a bit over-abitious, trying to make a legend even before I've finished school, but it doesn't really have to be that titan of a project. What I'm really interested in is what makes some toys more popular than others? From a group of seemingly similar toys one rises to popularity and the others are forgotten.
Examples I intend to study more carefully are: Pokémon, Beyblade and Games Workshop's Warhammer games. These are good examples of toys that each stands out in their own way. Pokémon and Beyblade may seem identical to most people, but there are differences. And the Games Workshop games are just unique.


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